Paolo Bordignon, B.Sc.PTRegistered Physiotherapist, Owner

    Paolo Bordignon graduated from the University of British Columbia physiotherapy program in 1994 with a Bachelors of Science Physiotherapy degree. He also completed post graduate diplomas in Orthopaedic Medicine and Injection Therapy while working in the U.K. He is currently the therapist for Canada’s National Gymnastics Team.

    He spent 16 years training and rehabilitating athletes enabling them to excel in their individual sports. Paolo has worked with athletes who have competed at local, national and international levels.

    Paolo has worked with Canadian national athletes in soccer, track and field, judo, and field hockey. As a physiotherapist, he has been involved with professional athletes from many sports including the NHL, NBA, NFL, and the CFL. In Europe, Paolo was the physiotherapist for Dundee Football Club, a professional soccer team in the Scottish Premiership Division. In this capacity he had the opportunity to work with numerous international soccer players. He continues to work closely with the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team and was previously the physiotherapist for the Women’s National Soccer Team.

    Having developed numerous sport specific training & injury prevention programs for the “serious amateur”, Paolo has given numerous presentations including participating in an “Ask the Expert” segment on MTV.

    Continuing his interest in the local sporting community, Paolo is involved with schools on Vancouver’s west side, providing physiotherapy coverage for events and helping young athletes train safely to their optimum level. His interests also include rehabilitation of injured marathon runners and rock climbers. Being an active participant in these sports himself, Paolo is a serious sports enthusiast and can often be found either running the streets and beaches of Vancouver or climbing in Squamish.

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