Kokua Kalei LauretaRegistered Massage Therapist

    Kokua Kalei – Definition:

    Beloved helper, counselor, friend, healer.

    Kokua believes his parents named him rather aptly. Having always been the helpful type, now more than ever he is able to help even more with something he believes to be truly paramount. Referring to the health and well-being of one’s own body. He loves how much massage therapy can help with achieving goals of physical wellness, and believes that it is always a sincere pleasure in helping others achieve those goals. He also cares a great deal of giving back to communities and works with the CSFS to provide massage to those who don’t have the benefit of regular care in the Northern Aboriginal communities.


    Kokua comes from an athletic background in high school and likes to keep active with either snowboarding, longboarding, running, crossfit or just regular days at the gym, and enjoys working with others with similar active lifestyles.

    – “Keep Learning, Stay Healthy, Stay Active, Stay Happy.” Says Kokua.

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