Jeff BoudreauRegistered Physiotherapist

    Jeff graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 2012 with a degree in physiotherapy. Since that time he has helped hundreds of people recover from musculoskeletal injuries sustained through athletics and recreation, motor vehicle accidents, or while at work.


    Jeff’s education has continued long after graduation as he strives to understand the body the way a mechanic understands a motor. An aspiring ‘engineer of the body’, Jeff has taken courses in manual therapy, soft tissue release techniques, and myofascial cupping. He has a knack for catching faulty movement patterns with his eyes and finding areas of tension with his hands, often alleviating sources of pain that patients didn’t realize they had. Jeff can also prescribe specific exercises that prevent problems from recurring and maximize the speed of recovery.


    Having previously lived and worked in three different provinces, Jeff is excited to explore everything British Columbia has to offer from hiking and snowboarding to the coffee and food scenes.


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