Elnaz MiriRegistered Acupuncturist

    Elnaz is a registered acupuncturist, graduating from the PCU college of Holistic Medicine in Vancouver. She has a passion for holistic medicine, which drove her to move on from her career in Microbiology. She has excelled in her study of the human body, human mind, and the connection between them, to find a better way of living a healthy life. Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine created an ocean for Elnaz to swim and guide others in this beautiful wisdom of art that we have inherited over the past 3000 years.

    She takes great pride in working with patients to overcome their unique health conditions and allow them to experience a more enjoyable life. By working with Elnaz you can bring your body back to its normal balance by treating the roots of your symptoms and improve your health through her use of acupuncture needle techniques, cupping, tuina massage techniques and acupressure.

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